Made by skilled candy makers since the 1920′s, all of our hard candies are still hand sugared.

Assorted Kisses

An enviable assortment of our chewy, delectable, handmade kisses.

Peanut Butter Kisses

When peanut butter lovers want something extra indulgent, these kisses deliver.

Rum & Butter Kisses

Buttery-smooth and creamy with just the right punch of rum flavour.

Bull’s Eyes

Irresistible handmade molasses morsels you’ll savour over and over.

Candy Barrels

Green? Black? Everyone’s got a favourite. Our candy barrels are fun-shaped and bursting with fruit flavours.

Climax Mixture

Our classic colourful candy overflowing with a rainbow of fruit flavours.

Spearmint Nobs

A refreshing spearmint treat handmade by our candy makers.

Spearmint Lumps

Always on hand when a substantial blast of spearmint freshness is in order.

Peppermint Nobs

Our famously “moreish” peppermint morsels. Available in a convenient freshness-seal 325G tub or 170G package.

Peppermint Lumps

Lovable, shareable lumps of bold peppermint flavour.

Cookies and Biscuits


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Our crave-worthy version of the classic cookie, with plenty of chocolate chips for your pleasure.

Family Favourites

A wide variety of tasty cookies from which to choose. What’s your favourite?

Fancy Biscuit Assortment

A wide variety of sweet biscuits makes for a satisfying snack.

Variety Pack biscuits

A different type of cookie in each section. Great for those who enjoy variety, or for larger gatherings.

Jam Jams 350g

Moist, jam-filled sponge cookies. A traditional favourite. Available in a 350G Tin Tied package.

Jam Jams 425g

Moist, jam-filled sponge cookies. A traditional favourite. Available in a resealable 425G package.


Jelly-filled sponge cookies that are a welcome treat any time of the day.

Coconut Bar

Our delicious Coconut Bar cookies at tea-time makes for a delightful treat.

Lemon Creams

A biscuit baked to the perfect texture with a hint of lemon flavour.

Caraway Biscuits

Mouthwatering and moreish, they make for an excellent after-dinner or anytime snack.

Family Cookies

A tasty combination of nutritious oatmeal and dried raisins.

Oatmeal Biscuits

Our delicious take on the traditional oatmeal cookie. Loaded with flavour.

Ginger Cookies

Great ginger flavour in a larger cookie with just the right amount of “more please”.

Ginger Snaps

Traditional, delicious, and made with plenty of ginger spice. The name comes from the “snap” sound when you break them.

Crackers and BISCUITS

our biscuit products are low in fat and have no cholesterol with varying textures and flavours. You’re sure to find a box in every Newfoundlander’s pantry.

Round Milk Lunch

Low in fat and cholesterol free, these round biscuits are a perfect snack.

Square Milk Lunch

For those who prefer a square shaped biscuit that is low in fat and cholesterol free.

Classic Milk Lunch

A thinner, sweeter biscuit with a flakier snap. Pairs nicely with your favourite spread.

Hamilton’s Milk Lunch

A crisp and tender biscuit with a light milky flavour.

Cream Crackers

Our most famous cracker with the unmistakable airy texture and irresistible flavour.

Cream Crackers 25% less fat

All the mouthwatering enjoyment of our regular cream cracker in a 25% less fat alternative.

Cream Crisps

Flaky goodness that pairs perfectly with your favourite jam or spread. Available in 200G and 400G packages.


This flaky, mouthwatering soda cracker is perfect solo or in your favourite soup.

jams, gift boxes and single serving treats

looking for the perfect gift or a grab-and-go snack, we have you covered!

Apple and Partridgeberry jam

Real fruit and wild Newfoundland berries combine for an experience that brings back memories.

Blueberry Jam

We bring all the goodness of wild Newfoundland blueberries to your table with this flavourful favourite.

Goodie Box

Give someone a taste of home with our essential selection that includes: 1 250ml Tub Apple and Partridgeberry Jam • 1 Package Lemon Creams • 1 Package Cream Crackers • 1 Package Assorted Kisses • 1 Package Peppermint Nobs • 1 Package Jam Jams • 1 Bottle Syrup

Gift Pack

Give someone the perfect Purity assortment with: 1 Package Jam Jams • 1 Package Peppermint Nobs • 1 Package Assorted Kisses • 1 Bottle Syrup

Cream Crackers

You get double the delicious flaky goodness you have grown to love, in this handy 2 pack.

Jam Jams

Our ever-so-popular, moist, jam-filled sponge cookies. Now available in a 2-cookie package.

Sweet Bread

A sweeter, snackable version of our classic hard bread.

Hard Bread

A Newfoundland tradition and essential ingredient in the classic dish, fish & brews.

Square Pilot

A delicious, versatile and nourishing northern staple.

Flakey Pilot

A flakier, round version of our popular pilot biscuit.

Barge Pilot

Big and round with all the goodness of our regular square pilot biscuit.


our syrups are great for everyday refreshment or as the star ingredient of your own drink creation. Just mix with water and enjoy!


Blue Raspberry




Fruit Punch

Iced Tea