Products – Your Favourites

jams, gift boxes and single serving treats

looking for the perfect gift or a grab-and-go snack, we have you covered!

Partridgeberry and apple jam

Real fruit and wild Newfoundland berries combine for an experience that brings back memories.

Blueberry Jam

We bring all the goodness of wild Newfoundland blueberries to your table with this flavourful favourite.

Goodie Box

Give someone a taste of home with our essential selection that includes: 1 250ml Tub Partridgeberry/Apple Jam • 1 Package Lemon Creams • 1 Package Cream Crackers • 1 Package Assorted Kisses • 1 Package Peppermint Nobs • 1 Package Jam Jams • 1 Bottle Syrup

Gift Pack

Give someone the perfect Purity assortment with: 1 Package Jam Jams • 1 Package Peppermint Nobs • 1 Package Assorted Kisses • 1 Bottle Syrup

Cream Crackers

You get double the delicious flaky goodness you have grown to love, in this handy 2 pack.

Jam Jams

Our ever-so-popular, moist, jam-filled sponge cookies. Now available in a 2-cookie package.

Products – Pilot and Breads

Sweet Bread

A sweeter, snackable version of our classic hard bread.

Hard Bread

A Newfoundland tradition and essential ingredient in the classic dish, fish & brewis.

Square Pilot

A delicious, versatile and nourishing northern staple.

Flakey Pilot

A flakier, round version of our popular pilot biscuit.

Barge Pilot

Big and round with all the goodness of our regular square pilot biscuit.

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