Crackers and BISCUITS

our biscuit products are low in fat and have no cholesterol with varying textures and flavours. You’re sure to find a box in every Newfoundlander’s pantry.

Round Milk Lunch

Low in fat and cholesterol free, these round biscuits are a perfect snack.

Square Milk Lunch

For those who prefer a square shaped biscuit that is low in fat and cholesterol free.

Classic Milk Lunch

A thinner, sweeter biscuit with a flakier snap. Pairs nicely with your favourite spread.

Hamilton’s Milk Lunch

A crisp and tender biscuit with a light milky flavour.

Cream Crackers

Our most famous cracker with the unmistakable airy texture and irresistible flavour.

Cream Crackers 25% less fat

All the mouthwatering enjoyment of our regular cream cracker in a 25% less fat alternative.

Cream Crisps

Flaky goodness that pairs perfectly with your favourite jam or spread. Available in 200G and 400G packages.


This flaky, mouthwatering soda cracker is perfect solo or in your favourite soup.