Made by skilled candy makers since the 1920′s, all of our hard candies are still hand sugared.

Assorted Kisses

An enviable assortment of our chewy, delectable, handmade kisses.

Peanut Butter Kisses

When peanut butter lovers want something extra indulgent, these kisses deliver.

Rum & Butter Kisses

Buttery-smooth and creamy with just the right punch of rum flavour.

Bull’s Eyes

Irresistible handmade molasses morsels you’ll savour over and over.

Candy Barrels

Green? Black? Everyone’s got a favourite. Our candy barrels are fun-shaped and bursting with fruit flavours.

Climax Mixture

Our classic colourful candy overflowing with a rainbow of fruit flavours.

Spearmint Nobs

A refreshing spearmint treat handmade by our candy makers.

Spearmint Lumps

Always on hand when a substantial blast of spearmint freshness is in order.

Peppermint Nobs

Our famously “moreish” peppermint morsels. Available in a convenient freshness-seal 325G tub or 170G package.

Peppermint Lumps

Lovable, shareable lumps of bold peppermint flavour.